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In the wake of its outreach drive in classrooms, the Race for Water Foundation programme - LEARN, SHARE, ACT - teaching the youth about water conservation is undoubetly one essential way to preserve water and ensure sustainability on our planet. That's why, with the help of the cartoon character "Titeuf", the Foundation has set out to create a pedagogical leaflet to raise awareness amongst future generations about the issues of our water footprint and marine pollution.

Aimed at children 8-12 years old, this fun, rewarding kit was designed to intergrate into the official French-speaking curriculum in Switerland.

Click here to download the pedagogical leaflet (English version)! (also available in French and in Spanish)

An offer for schools and teachers : Have your students discover in a playful and interactive way the importance of preserving water and become ecocitizens! We are at your disposal for more information about the organization of school animations (45 minutes sessions) or to provide you with the pedagogical leaflet: contact us per email here or by phone: +41 21 620 02 30.