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How to follow the Race for Water Odyssey ?

11.04.2017 Foundation

The Race for Water Odyssey left on April 9 from Lorient for a five-year expedition around the world on a mission to promote solutions for ocean preservation. Be part of this incredible adventure, follow-us on our social networks and the blog dedicated to this expedition. Share it around you to help us spread the world about this Odyssey of hope which is meant to show that solutions exist to preserve the most precious ressource: water.

Throughout the Odyssey 2017-2021, the crew will regularly post about their adventures on Race for Water on the blog:
You will also find a map there updating the position of the boat every 3 hours.
Social networks:
The Race for Water Odyssey can also be followed on social networks:
Facebook @raceforwaterfoundation
Twitter @RaceForWater
# R4WO

The solution

It is clear that an efficient grand-scale clean-up of the oceans is unrealistic. Treating plastic waste before it ends up in the water is a necessity. Our objective is therefore to give plastic waste a value through an innovative technology that transforms plastic into energy.
This approach, based on social entrepreneurship, creates job particularly for the underprivileged. The process of energy production also has substantial environmental benefits by significantly reducing plastic pollution.

The solution

Become a Water Guardian