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"Let's preserve our oceans" - photo exhibition in Geneva's quai Wilson

07.08.2017 Foundation


From 16th to 31st of August in Geneva, the Race for Water Foundation will be presenting a new photography exhibition entitled “Let’s preserve our oceans”

Along the quay Wilson, you will be able to discover a series of 60 photographs illustrating the Foundation’s commitments for the ocean safeguard.

Throughout the picture, you will learn about our fist Odyssey in 2015, which was a unique environmental expedition that allowed teams to collect the necessary scientific and sociological data required for a thorough understanding of the impacts of plastic pollution in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. You will discover the scientific protocols implemented and the solutions proposed by the Foundation to handle this scourge.

Lastly, you will be able to contemplate our new ambassador vessel, the Race for Water, powered by a revolutionary mix of renewable energies: solar, towing kite, and hydrogen. Thanks to this ship we are demonstrating the world that the energy transition towards clean energy is a reality.

Thank you to our partner Cornercard for its support !