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Race for Water Odyssey 2017 will depart from Lorient

14.12.2016 Foundation


Next April, the Race for Water Odyssey crew will cast off for a 5 years expedition dedicated to the oceans, science and Clean-Tech innovations. It is from Lorient, the Morbihan city where the crew has established its technical base, that this stupendous adventure will begin. An emblematic city of departure turned towards the sea and marine evolution, which is in harmony with Race for Water’s momentum of modernity and positivism

As the home port of the vessel Race for Water, Lorient unites with the Foundation Race for Water, led by Marco Simeoni, to celebrate the starting point of the Odyssey 2017-2021. To mark the occasion, three days of festivities are scheduled at Lorient La Base and geared towards oceans preservation in order to enhance public education and raise awareness of future generations throughout exhibitions, scientific conferences and explanatory visits of the Race for Water catamaran, real demonstrator vessel of clean energies.



Norbert Métairie, President of Lorient Agglomeration, Mayor of Lorient: «Open on the Atlantic, our territory is at the heart of the first French maritime area. Sharing the same sensitivity towards the sea, we are thrilled to be associated with Race for Water Foundation and to watch Lorient to be the departure city of the Odyssey 2017-2021. This expedition carries strong messages in terms of maritime innovations, sustainable development, ocean preservation and it raises our global knowledge on marine environment. Essential axes to our territory dynamism, which will contribute to the building of a positive future for everybody. »

Franck David, Executive Director of Race for Water Odyssey: « At the beginning of 2016, after the COP 21, Race for Water vessel has reached Lorient to benefit from the port and nautical infrastructures necessary for great transformation, including in particular the integration of the Hydrogen system in addition to the solar installation. Maritime Excellence Centre, Lorient has turned the sea into a touristic asset, an essential act of its economic development and a showcase of technologies. Knowing the fragility of this environment and sharing the same will to modernize and preserve it, we are delighted to begin our global expedition at the Morbihan city. »