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Race for Water present at the Trophée Mer et Montagne

01.02.2018 Foundation


On Tuesday 30 January, the Race For Water Foundation attended the Trophée Mer et Montagne in St-Gervais in France’s Haute-Savoie department to talk about plastic pollution of the oceans. The event was organised by our Ambassador, Eric Loiseau, who will shortly go on to join the Race for Water Odyssey vessel in Panama.

Sailors coming head to head in ski events in the Alps might seem to some like an unlikely marriage, but not for the Race for Water Foundation’s Ambassador, Eric Loiseau, a renowned sailor and alpinist. Indeed, for the 25th consecutive year, he organised in St-Gervais in the French Alps, a competition combining the sea and the mountains. François Gabart, winner of the Vendée Globe and Bouchra Baibanou, the first Moroccan woman to climb Everest, were among the participants in the event. On the evening of 30 January, the preservation of the oceans proved to be a hot topic. Invited to speak about the theme of plastic pollution, Frédéric Sciacca, technical and scientific manager of the Race for Water Foundation, presented the latter’s missions and projects. We get the low-down.

“All the sailors and alpinists with whom I chatted after my presentation were already very tuned into the issues of plastic pollution, whether it be in the oceans or the mountains”, explained Frédéric Sciacca. In his speech, the Mayor of St-Gervais even drew a parallel between the waste hidden beneath the snow or in the oceanic depths. “However, once the snow melts, the waste reappears amongst the local populations. In the same way, the oceanic plastic washes up in massive, uncontrollable swathes that litter beaches the world over”, explains Frédéric.  

Other associations were invited to take the floor alongside the Foundation including Maewan, which runs educational social projects geared towards environmental protection in disadvantaged regions and the Under The Pole adventure, that testifies to the fragile beauty of the Arctic Ocean using underwater photography. Such interventions bear witness to our common goal of raising awareness about the importance of preserving the environment. In addition to this effort, the Race for Water Foundation set itself the target of proposing innovative technological solutions to take specific action against plastic pollution of the oceans. “Having the chance to participate in this type of event and meet motivated people who are taking action in their daily lives is hugely satisfying. The Race for Water Foundation carries a message of hope that others want to share and together we will succeed. Thank you Eric Loiseau for this great event”, concludes Frédéric.