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Limitless energy

Race for Water, a pioneering dedicated to science and energy transition, using the ocean, the sun and the wind as its sole sources of energy.

The Race For Water vessel use only clean and renewable energy at all times for her propulsion and life on-board. By day as well as by night, Race for Water is optimised and autonomous thanks to solar energy coupled with the production of hydrogen.


Energy independence onshore and at sea 365 days a year

Break free from fossil fuels

Accelerating the clean energy transition


“The Race for Water Foundation is demonstrating that a zero-emissions future is not a utopia - it is already becoming reality. UN Environment is proud to support the round-the-world Odyssey in this innovative vessel. This quest will demonstrate the power of renewable energies and stimulate the search for new solutions to conserve our ocean from plastic pollution.”

Erik Solheim, Director of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) 


The sources of energy and storage technologies on board




Race for Water has 500m2 of Sunpower solar panels, totaling 38,000 photovoltaic cells. Located on the upper deck of the catamaran and on the two detachable wings, this energy source can supply 93 kW and power the engine at an average speed of around 5 knots.

The kite 

Skysails have developed a new-generation traction kite with a surface area of 40m2, which extends to a height of 150m, the equivalent of 500m2 of sail on the sea or 200 kW of propulsion. It is an innovative and efficient invention, managed automatically, that will double the speed of the vessel under certain conditions and greatly enhance self-sufficiency. 


Race for Water and Plastic Omnium have integrated on board a unit for producing hydrogen from seawater. It contains: 25 cylinders of hydrogen at 350 bar to allow storage of approximately 200kg of hydrogen, which will be converted into more than 2,600 kWh of electricity, i.e. 4 times the electrical storage contained in the batteries (754 kWh). The hydrogen makes it possible to be self-sufficient for six days at a speed of 5 knots.


Four packs of two tons each, storing 754 kWh of energy. 



Hydrogen Power System on board

Race for Water and the company Plastic Omnium are installing a hydrogen production unit: 25 hydrogen bottles at 350 bar storing close to 200kg of hydrogen which can be converted into more than 2600kWh of electricity i.e. 4 times the electricity storage contained in the batteries (745kWh).

Thanks to the hydrogen system the vessel will have 6 extra days of autonomy at a speed of 5 knots.


A high-altitude towing kite

Race for Water and the company Skysails are developing a next generation towing kite (40m² of surface area at an altitude of 300m represents the equivalent of 500m² of sails while at sea i.e. the equivalent of 200kW of propulsion). An innovative and effective solution, entirely managed by an automatic pilot, enabling the vessel to double her speed in certain conditions as well as providing greater autonomy.