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An Odyssey dedicated to the Oceans

Take action in the most relevant areas for scientific research

Bermuda, Tokyo, Dubaï...

A strong on-site presence during major events:

America’s Cup in Hamilton, Bermuda

Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan

Universal Exhibition in Dubai – United Arab Emirates


As well as at the heart of the seas and oceans

Allowing researchers to conduct scientific studies in optimal conditions with no impact on the environment:  Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of California, Sargasso Sea, South China Sea, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea…

Our ambission is to support the scientific community in order to better understand the impacts of plastic pollution and to find adapted solutions. On that purpose, Race for Water is an amazing platform for marine environment scientific research. Plastic pollution study, microplastic characterization, ecotoxicological effects of marine debris or their impacts on ecosystems are part of the subjects of research our organisation carry out on board its ambassador vessel. Other themes related to ocean preservation could also be considered.