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Expedition and Goals

After the first shocking findings - that a global clean-up of the oceans was now unrealistic - during the Race for Water Odyssey completed in 2015, Race for Water is mobilising again and launching a second expedition focused on a five-year programme (2017 -2021). The new Odyssey will take place on board a unique boat: the “Race for Water” catamaran (formerly Planet Solar), which is 100% self- sufficient, thanks to its ability to harness both solar and hydrogen energy  – a technological achievement developed and produced by the Foundation’s partner company, Swiss Hydrogen. Acting as an ambassador boat for the programme, “Race for Water” will serve as an educational platform, travelling laboratory and a working demonstration of Clean-tech innovations.


Conduct scientific studies supporting the preservation of our oceans

Act, raise awareness and promote new solutions to fight plastic pollution in the oceans

Promote “Clean-Tech“ innovations