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Be part of the solution

If you wish to contribute to our solutions programme with a significant personal donation, or through a trust or foundation, please contact us.   

We will identify together which project best matches your aspirations: preservation of the environment, social entrepreneurship, scientific research, awareness-raising, education of the next generation, etc. 


Our bank details

Race for Water Foundation - Piguet Galland Bank

  • CHF: CH90 0877 7013 0277 2000 0
  • USD: CH63 0877 7013 0277 2000 1
  • EUR: CH36 0877 7013 0277 2000 2



Donations to the Race for Water Foundation are tax-deductible for Swiss-residents. 

From CHF 500.- or equivalent, your donation can be tax-deductible in most European countries. Contact us for more information.