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From impact to solutions        

After having assessed plastic pollution during the Race for Water Odyssey, it is now clear that an efficient grand-scale clean-up of the oceans is unrealistic. Treating plastic waste before it ends up in the water is a necessity.


Solutions to give plastic waste a value

The Race for Water Foundation is committed to identify, promote and implement solutions that will give end-of-life plastic a value. Its objective is to preserve water while having a positive impact on local communities.

Tomorrow's solution: transforming plastic into energy

Pilot projects are to be established from 2017 on following an initial phase in 2016 that identified and assessed solutions. The objective is to give plastic waste a value through an innovative technology that transforms plastic into energy.

This approach, based on social entrepreneurship, creates jobs, particularly for the underprivileged. The process of energy production also has substantial environment benefits by significantly reducing plastic pollution. The projects will then be replicated to multiply their positive impact.


Solution to collect waste before it reaches the high seas

If it is unrealistic to imagine cleaning-up the ocean, it seems wise to find ways to take care of harbours, rivers, lakes and coastlines. For that purpose, the foundation offers an effective and eco-friendly clean-up vessel which will prevent a large quantity of plastic from ending-up in the high seas.

THE COLLECTOR is a multipurpose ship able to collect waste in water. Through her inox conveyor, THE COLLECTOR is able to collect 5000 m² per hour. Her thin hulls allow to match the 12 knots and her conveyor is operational in 2 minutes, this enabling to have a quick and efficient response in case of localized pollution. The bow door allows landing and beach cleaning. Side door and stern platform are used to stock and quick transfer of 4 standard 240 L recycle bins.

Trailerable, multi-purpose, THE COLLECTOR meets expectation of collectivity, companies, service providers whatever the area.


Further information are available on the following website: