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Uniting the general public around these problems

Because education is the starting point of commitment and individual responsibility, we are pursuing our awareness effort toward the importance of water preservation and the vital role of oceans in the circle of life.

We are mobilizing general public and decision makers on the extreme urgency of the fight against plastic pollution through travelling exhibitions, documentaries, public intervention and mediation, as well as interactions with school classes in Switzerland and more broadly in the rest of the world. Acting as an ambassador boat for the programme, the Race for Water catamaran will serve as an educational platform, travelling laboratory and a working demonstrator of clean-tech innovations. It will also carry our messages around the world during the Odyssey 2017-2021.





Through our travelling exhibition, based on many pictures collected during the Odyssey 2015, we show evidence of the magnitude of plastic pollution and its real impact on local communities. 


A documentary retracing the human adventure of this expedition is currently being produced. It will allow the Foundation to illustrate and to spread awareness, as well as messages of hope by showing that solutions exist, although we have to act as soon as possible.



Our super-hero, Titeuf, teaches the children how to preserve one of the most precious resource of our planet: water.

Thanks to our educational tools developed by the Foundation, we encourage younger generations to act in concrete terms to preserve water resources, with Titeuf as super-hero. Our educational programme is deployed in Swiss and French schools throughout the year, and in the rest of the world during the Odyssey, in order to increase our impact of educational action and to raise awareness on a larger scale.

The themes we discuss in classes show the consequences of plastic waste in the oceans, especially on marine life and plants. These interactions also help students and teachers realize how long it takes for garbage to deteriorate, and they encourage them to get involved in sorting out plastic waste. Finally, we come up to the famous 4R rules in order to demonstrate the advantages of Repair – Reduce – Recycle – and Reuse for our planet and particularly for our oceans.



It is crucial to draw the attention of decision makers in order to make favorable regulations changes for oceans preservation. The Odyssey 2017-2021 will bring us where the press echo is powerful in order to impact the large audience participating to international events.

All along our expeditions, we organize sideline conferences of international meetings to impact a maximum number of people:

Previous Odyssey 2015:

  • COP 21 with the presence of the solar vessel Race for water, bringing symbolically the ocean to the COP 21. Race for Water Foundation becomes a new member of the Ocean and Climate Platform.
  • Universal Expo 2015 in Milan on the theme of “Nourish the planet, energy for life”, with an educational and artistic exhibition on plastic pollution.
  • UN Summit in New York in 2015 with a participation to two conferences organized by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) around the issue of plastic waste.
  • And many others to come during the Odyssey 2017-2021 with our stopovers in  Bermuda for the America’s Cup, in Tokyo for the Olympic Games and in Dubai for the Expo 2017 !



  • Exhibition « Defend a fragile planet » on the Wilson deck in Geneva, from June 23rd until July 26th.
  • Educational booklet (lien à kit pédagogique) “Let’s protect the most precious resource of our planet : water” illustrated by ZEP for every pupil between the age of 8 to 12, as well as a printed version for teachers of Vaud and Geneva cantons (in private and public schools) available in French, English, Spanish and German.
  • Awareness interventions in private and public schools classes of Vaud and Geneva cantons for pupils between the age of 8 and 12, with documentary screening and a meeting with our scholar intermediary
  • Conference and documentary screening (18 minutes) in private and public schools of Vaud and Geneva cantons for pupils between the age of 12 and 18.
  • Publication of scientific results carried out during the first Odyssey with the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) in 2017, followed by a popularization of data for every public.
  • Cycle of conferences, screenings and exhibitions for private companies and foundations