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Official Partners

Cornèr Banque SA / Cornèrcard

Cornèrcard is a division of Cornèr Bank, a private and independent Swiss banking institute founded in 1952, in Lugano. In 1975, it became the first Swiss bank to launch a Visa credit card, and greatly contributed to the shaping of the Swiss credit card landscape, thanks to permanent, innovative services. Along with the Visa card, Cornèr Bank/Cornèrcard added Mastercard to its portfolio in 1998 and Diners Club in 2014. Cornèrcard offers a wide range of credit cards and prepaid cards that use the most recent technologies, and is also recognized as one of the pioneers of the internet sector. Cornèrcard was one of Europe's first banking institutions to introduce the standards of secure e-commerce and continues to develop its services in the area of e-commerce and mobile commerce.


IT Technical Partner

Swisscom is Switzerland’s leading telecoms provider and one of its leading IT companies, with its headquarters in Ittigen, near the capital city, Berne. With over 21,000 employees, it is one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland and Europe.  Sustainability is a high priority at Swisscom. It is considered important not to waste resources, to take account of changes before they happen and to guarantee communication based on dialogue and credibility. Sustainable business practices and long-term responsibility are key values to which Swisscom is committed. We want to be one of the most sustainable companies in Switzerland. For that reason, our commitment to the environment and society is an integral component of our corporate strategy.


Technological Partner

ETIA is a French engineering company founded in 1989 by Olivier Lepez and Philippe Sajet, specialised in technological innovation, equipment and thermal treatment processes. Since 2003, the company has focused on waste treatment. Thanks to a high-temperature thermochemical conversion process in the absence of oxygen, their Biogreen technology allows the production of syngas from biomass, plastic, RDF and tires. This gas can be used as fuel for electricity production and heat. ETIA’s latest innovations are also looking at hydrogen production, this gas being already recognised as a promising solution in the context of energy transition.

ETIA’s technologies are at the very heart of Race for Water’s ACT program to stop the continuous leakage of plastic waste into the oceans. The economic opportunities resulting from turning plastic waste into energy will have a direct impact on local communities, the environment and our oceans. 


Institutional Partners


The UICN is the main global NGO dedicated to nature conservation. Founded in 1948, its mission is to influence, encourage, and assist societies around the world in the conservation of the integrity and diversity of nature, as well as ensuring that natural resources are used in an equitable and sustainable manner.

UICN includes more than 1,000 NGOs and more than 11,000 experts and scientists from over 160 countries. It employs more than one thousand people all over the world, who work on several hundred projects. It has helped over 75 countries prepare and apply strategies for biological conservation and diversity.



UN Environment, established in 1972, is the voice for the environment within the United Nations system. It aims to coordinate the activities of the member states, and to assist countries with the implementation of environmental policies. 
Ever since the concept of sustainable development was first introduced, UN Environment has sought to integrate environmental issues into universal policies for sustainable development.

UN Environment is happy to partner with Race for Water as a way of increasing awareness and knowledge around the issue of marine litter.




Operational Partners 


Based in Bevaix, Baillod Printers SA has been a trusted partner of the Race for Water Foundation for several years. 




Infomaniak Network SA was founded 1994. The company is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, where works all of its employees. It has all of its three data centers and all critical to the operation of the services and products provided by the company (both software and hardware ) . To ensure better control , IT solutions are developed and maintained internally only and the company focuses Swiss or European products.