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Our Water Guardians

A community of committed ambassadors



French Navigator - Captain of the solar vessel "Race for Water"


"Throughout my career I have unfortunately witnessed the degradation of the world's oceans and this cause is thus very close to my heart. We must preserve the oceans against this plague of plastic pollution."





Member of the IOC, three-time Olympic kayak champion
Patron of the Race for Water vessel

 "I support this foundation because it advances solutions for accelerating the clean energy transition and alleviate ocean plastic pollution.”





Riders and eco-explorers

"The sea brings us so much joy that participating in its preservation seems obvious to us, just like you would help a dear friend who is in danger. The urgency to act appeared to us as we noticed the speed at which the ocean is deteriorating. In which state will it be when our children will be our age? What is my responsibility and my duty? These are questions that make us believe that educating younger children is key to tackle this problem. We are proud to join our efforts with Race for Water."

French navigator
Thomas Coville recently pulverised the single-handed round the world sailing record aboard his 105ft trimaran, Sodebo Ultim. He set a new time of 49d 3h 7m, smashing the record set in 2004 by Francis Joyon by an margin of 8d 10h.

Navigator - two-time Vendée Globe winner (2000-2001 and 2008-2009)

"We're smarter in numbers": Michel created the Mer Agitée Ocean Racing Stables in 1999,  in order to make the best of his knowledge and competences, followed by the Mer Forte research center in 2009. Beyond being an administrative and technological platform, Mer Agitée develops synergies between projects to better optimize each of them.



Aurélien DUCROZ
Freerider and skipper - two-time freeride skiing world champion

"I am particularly concerned with the question of WATER, the essential element that surrounds me every day, in all its forms - water, snow, ice."

WATER FOOTPRINT: 2,082 liters a day, or the equivalent of 1,388 1.5l. bottles.



Virginie FAIVRE
Two-time half-pipe world champion






Swiss Navigator - Bol d'Or Winner







Pioneer and Leader of Environmental Actions on Easter Island

"I was born without trash and want to live without trash. This is why we are collecting debris and fighting against plastic pollution on Easter Island."





Navigator and mountaineer- former holder of the Atlantic solo record - climbed Everest  (2003)

"As a navigator and mountaineer, I often find myself in the middle of the exchange between the mountains and the sea, which partly explains my commitment to preserving and defending this vital, essential element."

WATER FOOTPRINT: 2,575 liters a day, or the equivalent of 1,717 1.5l. bottles.



Sarah Laura PEYREL
Miss Earth Switzerland 2017

"It is still time to wake up and to participate to the preservation of the lakes, the seas, the oceans and their inhabitants. We must do it not only for our children or great children but also for our own generation. The first step is always the most important. If everybody does its part at his scale and starts to live a sustainable life with more respect for the environment, we have a chance to succeed! It is not too late and Race for Water is leading by example."






MOD70 Race for Water Skipper 

"Thanks to my uncle, who owns a farmhouse in Ardèche (with a water well, but no electricity), I've learned to respect the precious resources of land and water since I was a young child. This has accompanied me throughout my life.”

WATER FOOTPRINT:  2,323 liters a day, or the equivalent of 1,549 1.5l. bottles.




Franco-Swiss actress, children’s author

"I m so disgusted with the abuse and waste caused by our society, that I really take my role as Water Guardian to heart."

WATER FOOTPRINT: 1,683 liters a day, or the equivalent of 1,122 1.5l. bottles.



Nicolas ROLAZ
Optimist World Champion


" I am committed to preserving water because I have been sailing for 8 years and I am increasingly struck by the amount of waste that soil our oceans and lakes."

WATER FOOTPRINT: 3'604 liters a day or the equivalent of 2'403 1.5l bottles.




Swiss navigator

As the youngest skipper in the most recent Vendee Globe race (the only solo, continuous, unassisted round-the-world sailing race), Alan distinguished himself as an exceptional sailor with an incredibly bright future.








French navigator - Multiple winner of the Tour de Guadeloupe

"Preserving the oceans is a necessity for me. Being a navigator and living in Guadeloupe, I am very concerned by the pollution of the seas and coasts."



Swiss illustrator

"Sorry honey, I can't give you a hand with the dishes... I just ate a bar of chocolate, and the sum of both would blow my eco-score..."

WATER FOOTPRINT: 1,648 liters a day, or the equivalent of 1,099 1.5l. bottles.





Miss Guadeloupe 2017


"The increase of natural disasters as cyclones we face in Guadeloupe opened my eyes to the environment state of emergency. All of these tragical phenomena are due to the earth degradation. The Race for Water Foundation aims to defend the preservation of our oceans against plastic pollution and I'am proud to convey its message. The environment is a treasure that we must preserve."